What are the requirements for registration?

For detailed information about our district's enrollment procedures and our immunization requirements, please visit our Registration page.

I have a preschool child that I believe might be developmentally delayed. How can you help?

We hold screenings on the first Friday of the month for children ages three through five (who are not eligible for kindergarten) who may be at-risk for handicapping conditions or developmental delays in areas such as the following: gross motor coordination, fine motor coordination, vision, hearing, language development and articulation, concepts and memory, or social/emotional development. An appointment is necessary, so please call the Federal Programs Office at (502) 457.4001. If it is determined that your child is handicapped or developmentally delayed, we will provide preschool services to help maximize his or her educational experience.

What breakfast and lunch meal services does your district provide, and what are meal prices?

For detailed information about school menus, pricing, and our nutritional goals, please visit our Food Services page.

If my child must be absent, what should I do?

It is very important that the parent or guardian notify the school as soon as possible if a student will be absent. Please state the type of illness when you call. If the school does not receive notification by 10:00 a.m., state law (AZ Revised Statutes 15-803) requires us to call the child's home to verify the absence.

What if my child is tardy to school?

If a student is late for class, he or she must report to the office for a pass to take to the classroom. Tardiness is a disruption to the classroom. If a student receives multiple unexcused tardiness, we will notify the parent/guardian, and it may be necessary for the student to make the time up during lunch, recess, passing period, or after school.

If I need to take my child out of school early, what steps should I follow?

For the safety and protection of students, Tombstone Unified School District does not allow students to leave the school before our regular dismissal time without the parent first coming to the office to sign him or her out. Occasionally, and with the principal’s approval, a student may sign out early if we receive a note or telephone call from the parent. If the student returns before the end of the school day, he/she must sign back in at the office.

How can I help at my child's school? Do you welcome volunteers?

Absolutely! Parents and community members are a source of special skills. Your personal attention is invaluable and can be as simple as a much-needed extra pair of hands. The following are some of the ways volunteers can help:

  • Classroom Helpers
  • Copy Center Assistants
  • Clerical Aides
  • Media Center Assistants
  • Health Office Assistants
  • Field Trip Helpers
  • Resource Speakers
  • Tutors
  • Reading Mentors

If you can share some time with us, please give us a call. We know many moms, parents, and guardians work during the day, but we want you to feel welcome to help whenever you can. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact your child's school office or teacher.

What does the school require of me when I visit?

For all of our students’ safety, we require that all visitors report to the school office upon arrival. A school visitor is anyone who is not enrolled or working at our school's site. Visitors must sign in at the office before entering any of our school buildings or grounds.

When can I expect to receive my child's report card or attend a parent-teacher conference?

We issue report cards four times a year—every 9-week period. We schedule parent-teacher conferences twice a year to discuss any special needs, your child's progress, etc. You may also request a conference at any time during the school year.

Does TUSD #1 have a dress code?

Yes. We encourage our students to take pride in their attire as it relates to the school setting. Students should dress in a way that takes into consideration the professionalism of the educational environment and the safety, health, and general well-being of themselves and others. Clothing should be neat, clean, modest, and in good taste.

We ask that students adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Clothing should provide adequate coverage. We do not allow halter or strapless tops, and tank top straps should be at least one inch wide. No bare midriffs. We require skirt and short length to be in close proximity to mid-thigh.
  • For safety and security reasons, we do not allow extremely baggy or saggy pants/shorts; neither do we allow accessories that can be used as weapons, such as chains, spiked jewelry, or hanging belts.
  • We will not permit clothing, accessories, or head coverings that identify with illegal organizations; advocate the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco; or portray racial statements, profane or inflammatory language, or sexual depiction/innuendo.
  • Students must wear shoes at all times. We do not permit students to wear pajamas and slippers, except for approved school activities.
  • Students may not wear head coverings in the classrooms (unless approved by the administration)
My child rides the bus. Are there rules I should reinforce at home?

We encourage parents to discuss bus stop safety and school bus rules with their children. For detailed rules, visit our Transportation page.