Our District

Organized and constructed in 1922, our district includes three schools—Walter J. Meyer Elementary (K–8th), Huachuca City Elementary (pre-K–8th), and Tombstone High School (9th–12th). Our district covers a large geographical area of more than 510 square miles, including the communities of Coronado, Fairbank, Gleeson, Huachuca City, Presidential Estates, Whetstone, Woody Hills, and Tombstone, Arizona.

We Believe

Students Learn Best When:

  • Provided with diverse, relevant activities and materials that pique their interest and desires
  • Multiple learning styles and intelligences are recognized and accommodated
  • Their basic needs (i.e. readiness, nutrition, safety, and support of family) are met

Effective Teachers and Effective Staff:

  • Communicate with—and respect—students, colleagues, staff, and community
  • Rejuvenate their knowledge, ideas, materials, and procedures
  • Practice on-going self-evaluations
  • Motivate and challenge students to succeed
  • Equip students with problem-solving skills
  • Know all students can learn

Effective Ways to Access Student Learning Include:

  • Multiple types of assessments (i.e. observational matrices, hands-on assessments, performance assessments, developed rubrics, student self-assessment, portfolios, student-led conferences, standardized testing)
  • Options for lifelong learning
  • Student progress toward employability

The Most Authentic & Relevant Content for Students:

  • Relates to student experiences and is child-centered, useful, practical, and challenging
  • Is adaptable and continues throughout pre-K–12 levels
Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio

We currently educate more than 803 students with 47 certified teachers, which translates to a very low student-to-teacher ratio of 14:1. In addition to our belief that all students can achieve academically, we also help them find and develop talents in a wide variety of areas, including athletics, art, vocational, and more.

Mission Statement

At T.U.S.D we cultivate responsible citizens by maintaining a positive culture where lifelong learning is valued and encouraged.

Vision Statement

To be the premier district in Cochise County where student achievement defines success.